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Self-build layout ideas for timber lodge homes in France, High quality lodge homes you build yourself from a full timber kit. All timber elements and including double glazing, door frames, doors, window frames, exterior timber walls, interior timber walls, high quality certificated timbers for self-assembly homes, pick a lodge layout or design your own. All timbers are 44mm - 80mm in thickness,

Lodge Homes France Self build

LH 1 Timber Self build lodge 

143 m2 "L" shape lodge 11,646 x 13222

Ridge height 3762

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 44mm


Self assembly lodge

LH 2 Timber Self build lodge

70m2 9509 x 7420 

Ridge height 2700

Wall height 2700

Wall thickness 68mm


Modern self build home

LH 3 Timber Self build lodge


Length 10128

Width 7828

Ridge height 3177

Wall height 2970

Wall thickness 44mm


Two bed self build timber home

LH 4 Timber Self build lodge


Length 18764

Width 6196

Ridge height 3248

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 34mm


Self assembly lodge

LH 5 Timber Self build lodge

Length 14250mm

Width 6296mm

Ridge height 3066mm

Wall height 2295mm

Wall thickness 34mm


Self build lodge

LH 6 Timber Self build lodge

Length 9628mm 

Width 5160mm

Ridge height 6.012mm

Wall height 3510mm

Wall thickness 68mm


Lodge Home for Self build

LH 7 Timber Self build lodge

Length 11646mm

Width 4548mm

Ridge height 3910

Wall height 2368mm

Glass connector section.


Lodge kit France

LH 8 Timber Self build lodge

8000mm x 8000mm

Ridge height 3193mm

Wall height 2295mm

Thickness 34mm


Timber self build homes France

LH 9 Timber Self build lodges

Length 9408mm

Width 7932mm

Wall height 2295mm

68mm thickness


Self build lodge home

LH 10 Self Build Lodge

12296 x 8296

Ridge 3673

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 44mm

Terrace, 8 windows, 9 doors included


Sip's built house France LH12


LH 12 Timber frame or SIP's 

This stunning house can be built on site from timber or SIP's (Structural Insulated Panels)

Built to your dimensions and highly insulated. 

Fully eqipped or to first fix.

Layout is bespoke to suit your needs (via an architect)

Lodge Homes France

Self build lodge homes for assembly in France

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